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Construction sites have long been identified as a large contributor to urban runoff pollution if the proper pollution prevention practices are not regularly performed. Materials washed into the storm drain have a direct impact on local waterways and habitat living in that environment.  
The most common discharge into our storm drains from concrete construction is the residue and contaminants from washing down equipment such as concrete trucks, pumps, mixers, chutes, hand tools and wheelbarrows.
"The Clean Water Act requires developers to comply with permit requirements and take simple, basic steps to prevent pollutants from contaminating storm water"
Alex Strauss, EPA Water Director
Due to this high potential for urban runoff pollution, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has stepped up their efforts to keep Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans compliant to the National Pollution Discharge Elimination Systems. All of these mandatory criteria are part of the US Clean Water Act and mandates the utilization of Best Management Practices (BMP’s) on construction sites. Potential discharges into the storm drain systems from concrete work has become a priority of the federal and state EPA, water quality control officials, regional and local inspectors as well as a strategic target of the advocacy and environmental groups. Illegal discharges into our waterways can bring fines of $32,500 per day if the US EPA becomes involved.


Located in Paterson, NJ., Haftek Concrete Washout Systems was created to service the construction industry with a safe, responsible, and environmentally friendly alternative to the old worksite concrete washouts.
Concrete Washout System is a portable, self-contained and watertight roll-off bin that controls, captures and contains concrete washout material and runoff. Our system makes it easy to washout concrete trucks, pumps and equipment on-site and facilitates easy off-site recycling of the same concrete materials and wastewater.
  "Concrete Washout Systems is great! It's a one-call service.  No more headaches over clean up and no more environmental concerns. Your service is great and makes my life much easier."
Concrete Washout Systems, Inc is currently being used by some of the largest residential and commercial builders in the country with tremendous success. We have assisted builders in lowering their operational costs relating to concrete washout containment, overall cleanliness of jobsites, maximizing operational efficiency and keeping them in compliance.
Concrete Washout Systems keeps your job sites -- and bottom line  -- looking good.

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