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Concrete Washout Systems is an ideal solution for developers and contractors looking for a cost effective and fully compliant method of dealing with onsite washout. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider Concrete Washout Systems:
  • Highly economical way to remove and recycle your concrete washout water
  • Eliminates costly fines and fees for non-compliance
  • Containment prevents spill damage to concrete and asphalt
  • Replaces outdated washout procedures which are costly and damaging to the environment
  • Reduces unsightly messes on job sites

Ramped Washout Container
Our unique and proprietary system includes ramps to allow the concrete pumps a mechanism in which they can washout their hoppers.

Holding Capacity
5.5 cubic yards or nearly 900 gallons; capacity for washout from approximately 350 yards of poured material or containment for approximately 35 trucks and 2 pumps
 20’L X 8’W with ramps folded onto box (transport position)
26’L X 8’W with ramps extended and folded out (site position)

Ramp Extensions
3’L extensions that affix to end of operable ramp
8’L X 12"W catwalk (wood or metal) that affixes across width of box to allow easier washout
Wheel Stop
Lowered ramps against bulkhead creating wheelstop for trucks using ramps
Rampless Washout Container
The rampless has more holding capacity for jobsites that are not pumping or that have a need for more than one box on the jobsite.
Holding Capacity 
6 cubic yards and nearly 400 additional gallons of jobsite capacity; capacity for washout from approximately 450 yards of poured material or containment for approximately 45 trucks
12’L X 8’W X 2’H
Hook Points
The box can be configured with hook points for commercial applications

"The CWS system solves one of the construction industries greatest compliance problems of concrete washout entering streets and storm drains. Not only does it solve a major compliance issue, but it also creates a much needed recycled product for the construction industry. As a consultant, we look for practices that are good for business and good for the environment. The CWS system meets both criteria."
Johnny Combs. P.E. R.E.M. CPSWQ, Founder and CEO of Paradigm Engineering.

Vacuum Services
Our trained professionals will be at your jobsite to vacuum the washwater from the container and have a new container ready.
Our roll-off trucks are equipped with a patent-pending CWS Enviro-Vac System that enables our drivers to vacuum the concrete wash-water and remove and replace the container if needed. Also our vacuum trucks will maintain your container that does not require removal.
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